Seiho KURIHARA (Seiho II)

was born in1976 in Gunma Prefecture right at the centre of the Japanese islands,

which boasts high quality hot springs and phenomenal landscapes. He took up his brush when he was six years old.

He succeeded his grandfather’s pseudonym, Seiho as Seiho Ⅱ. His unique artistic view of the world enables him to

create works of singular beauty through ancient Chinese hieroglyphic characters, Chinese bronze inscriptions and

Shojisu (a Japanese minimalist drawing). Seiho KURIHARA has received worldwide recognition as a calligrapher and

renowned artist and his work is globally sought after by many notable 􀃗gures and businesses. He is also active as an

educator and engaged in a wide range of social activities, pursuing the potential of his art.


*Awarded Rookie of the Year at the 12th Annual Gunma Pen Calligraphy Exhibition

*Awarded Special Selection of the Year at the13th Annual Gunma Pen Calligraphy Exhibition

*Accepted to the 58th Annual Gunma Prefectural Exhibition

*Awarded Choice of the Year at the 50th Annual Gennichi Calligraphy Exhibition

*Awarded Grand Prize at the 51st Annual Gennichi Calligraphy Exhibition

*Accepted to the 13th Annual Japan and France Contemporary Art World Exhibition

*Accepted to the 27th Annual Paris International Salon, Drawing Category

*Accepted to the 14th Annual Japan and France Contemporary Art World Exhibition

*Accepted to the 45th Annual Spain Art Award Exhibition

*Accepted to the 2013 Salon d’Automno

*Accepted to the 2013 Le Salon

*Accepted to the second Ecole de Paris Ukiyo-e Painting Exhibition

*Accepted to the 46th Annual Portugal Art Award Exhibition


*The Gennichi Calligraphy Exhibition

*The Gennichi Shunki Exhibition

*Tokyo’s Isetan-Shinjuku Department Store Exhibition - “Tanzaku Exhibition”

*The Ginza Seigetsudou Gallery - “Calligraphers’ Art Exhibition, IV”

*The 27th Annual Paris International Salon - Recommendation

*The 2013 Belgium Art Gent

*The Portugal Art Prize Exhibition - Special Recommendation


*The Annual Book of Calligraphy

*Calligraphy Journal

*Monthly Calligraphy World

Overseas Activity

*United States: Attended the Japanese Emperor’s birthday reception hosted by the Polish Consulate General.Seiho